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Cluster Sofia, a city of knowledge, combines the efforts of business with the intensive knowledge sectors with the municipality, research institutes, development, educational and financial organizations for transforming the city of Sofia from a traditional administrative capital into an Intelligent City.
Through its activities, the cluster will support the implementation of the Strategy for Smart Specialization and the more efficient use of the human and material resources of the city to develop a "knowledge economy" in Sofia.

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The open innovation workshop in Sofia Tech Park is over

A workshop on entrepreneurship and open innovations took place in Sofia Tech Park on 21.10.2020. This was the...

Inspiration journey workshop for open innovation

On October 21st, MediaMotorEurope will organize an Inspiration Journey in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the first event...


MediaMotorEurope site 02 2

Open call No 2 is here! You can now apply to be part of MediaMotorEurope, a 6-month mentoring programme tailored to your needs.

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