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Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of Sofia

Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of Sofia

At the heart of the Sofia City of Knowledge initiative is the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of Sofia (ISIS) - a strategic document developed by a team of specialists at Sofia Municipality. Among the specialists involved in the development are some of the founders of Sofia Knowledge City, which can serve as a guarantee for the success. The strategy of CSKC is inevitably associated with ISIS, but it is also something else.

The Sofia Knowledge Ciy has a task to explore this issue in depth and in accordance with the interests of its members to present to Sofia and the local public its proposal for a roadmap for transforming Sofia into a smart and creative city of its citizens. And, as it is well known, the smartness is ussualy built on knowledge.

The priority technologies and products for cluster members are those that create an  economy based on knowkedge: software, information and intelligent business process management systems, Internet of things & everything, Big Data, Grid and Cloud Technologies; Smart Grid, mobile and semantic technologies; 3D digitalisation, virtual and added reality, digitization of cultural and historical heritage, games with advertising, marketing, educational and serious games, e-learning (open courses and content), audiovisual forms (films, TV, video games and multimedia) , digital repositories, digital media, virtual display of art, socialization of cultural and historical heritage, metadata and search systems, serious games, etc.

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