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Startups on the stage

Startups on the stage

Mediatech on stage is an online event that is about to take place on February 9th when the members of the cluster and our partners will have the opportunity to meet prominent experts and make direct contact with 19 European technology startups and scaleups. Five of these companies are members of the Innovation Hub Sofia. The event is under the MediaMotor Europe project and supported by Startup EUROPE and will take place on February 9, 2021, from 14:00 - 15:15 CET. The period for holding the individual meetings is from Tuesday, February 9, 15:15 to Wednesday, February 10 - 12:00 CET. The event is hosted by prominent international journalist Tom Van de Weghe.

 What is interesting about this event?!

In addition to getting acquainted with the deeptech solutions of companies and their ideas for business development, participants will be able to choose and establish direct contact with them to create trade partnerships and to open opportunities for technological and business cooperation or investment.

The Innovation hub at the Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge participates with five startups from its accelerator program. Startups and their mentors are briefly presented below:

  • AdHash, Bulgaria - the company has developed an open-source protocol for real-time bidding (RTB). This is a fundamentally rethought RTB ad. It allows advertisers to show their ad directly to users, without the need for third-party ad providers, and to target, review, track, and analyze it. The result is a drastic reduction in costs and increased transparency, security, and efficiency. Mentor: Ruslan Papazyan, Executive Director of Telelink Infra Services
  • Vixtape, Portugal - a media platform that provides technology to improve the quality and interactivity of screen content in public places such as billboards, signs, and other forms of advertising. New ways are offered for more efficient selection and change of content. New media and ad formats are being created that allow content owners and advertisers to discover new audiences and revenue streams. Mentor: Pedro Roseiro, Executive Board Member Association TICE.PT
  • StoryTracks, Ireland - a platform for creating geo-localized content such as stories, legends, and interesting facts. A highly engaging and captivating mobile application that allows customers to create and distribute audio and video content through multiple channels, connecting them with the target customers in the destination. The proposed solution replaces the traditional audio guide. Mentor: Dimo ​​Dimov, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bath, UK
  • MacroRec Cinema Technologies, Turkey - the company manufactures modular camera control systems that can be programmed and controlled by mobile devices specifically designed for the production of films, photography, and personalized content and products. The system is portable and without location restrictions. Works with pre-set traffic control settings with the ability to download, apply and store traffic in the cloud. Mentor: Petko Ruskov, Mentor, Junior Achievement Bulgaria
  • Mavin, Netherlands - the company has developed tools to combat fake news, online trolls, and bots. It uses its own Mavin Trust Score (MTS) content validation technology, which guarantees the accuracy of data and the authenticity of publications, content, and news. The technology enables Internet users to instantly recognize the reliability of the content they read, share or participate in and, accordingly, validate how plausible it is and the facts are verified. This technology offers publishers additional commitment, traffic, and revenue. Available as a browser plugin and as a web application. Mentor: Louis Lapidaire, Chairman United Academics.

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