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Effective resource management with Arista Retrofit

Effective resource management with Arista Retrofit

As an association of deep-tech companies developing and implementing smart solutions for the digital transformation of cities and businesses, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City provides a platform for publishing information and expertise to its members. Such a company is ADD Bulgaria, which develops solutions for resource management. The author of the following publication is Vessela Malinovska - Marketing Director at ADD Bulgaria. 

The challenges

Access to data and the speed with which they reach decision-makers in the form of advanced (antecedent) information is one of the main factors for the economic growth in our times. In order to be competitive, you must provide a flow of data that can be processed and turned into information for making relevant and timely decisions about the activities of each economic entity, whether it is a city, company, or whatever economic unit.

Calculating the consumption of resources is extremely important for achieving savings in consumption or for a positive effect on the environment. Serious investments in smart meters are needed to ensure fast access to data and thus to achieve higher efficiency in such resources like water and electricity. However, not every business can afford such an investment even more so that any replacement of the instruments without the simultaneous replacement of the outdated methods for their measurement and administration leads to even new losses. That is why such a complex investment has always been a serious challenge.

The solution

ADD Bulgaria has extensive experience in optimizing the processes of management, measurement, and monitoring of energy and industrial resources. The company finds a solution to this challenge in the development and implementation of a new intelligent technology ARISTA Retrofit. It is a new generation software and hardware solution for intelligent remote control and device monitoring, which leads to the optimization of resource management. Its implementation in a company or city does not require replacement of existing meters, because the new system is easily integrated into them while providing the advantages of modern methods of data measurement. This is done at an affordable price, which makes the measurement process much more efficient. The only requirement is that the single- and three-phase electricity meters and water meters have a pulse output, through which the consumption of electricity and water is read by the controller (measuring device).

Who can benefit from this technological solution?

The solution is designed to meet the requirements of those customers who are looking for the efficiency of an automated process for remote and fast data collection from meters. Particularly interested in it are the owners of large retail outlets, concessionaires of marinas, campsites, etc. who encounter difficulties in the distribution of electricity or water consumption among their tenants, customers, and users. In order to provide quality and secure customer service, it is important to know the levels of individual consumption, and invoicing should be based on a timely, accurate, and transparent report. In traditional infrastructures, the administrator manually reports the data on the consumed resources, which takes too much time, reduces the quality of the service, and cannot provide data on the reliability of the device. Therefore, this innovative method for real-time remote measurement and for accurate calculation of consumed resources is an appropriate solution to this challenge. The larger the site and the more complex the infrastructure for resource allocation, the more serious the economic effect of the introduction of this system. Therefore, it is recommended as one of the technologies that must find a place in the process of the digital transformation of cities.


The marinas are lively places, but the Internet revolution is still not very visible there. Operators are forced to go from pillar to pillar every day to calculate the consumption of each boat and issue an invoice to each individual customer. In addition, manual measurement always leads to errors. Maintenance of equipment that is mounted on poles is also a problem, causing delays and incorrect operations and thus increasing maintenance costs. The lighting is also not effective. Time is wasted, higher consumption is reported and economic losses are accumulated.

Arista Retrofit is the first smart system for remote measurement and control of electricity consumption at marinas, which ensures the efficiency of water and electricity consumption. The compact design of the field controller is effortlessly integrated into the existing measuring infrastructure of the site. It measures and records the water and electricity consumption of each yacht. The data is collected by a data concentrator and then transferred to a Control Center. The software provides remote and easy-to-use access to configure and update all devices and components, real-time monitoring, and accurately calculated consumption. The system operates autonomously and is set to signal only in the event of a fault. The benefits ultimately are - automated, digitized, faster, easier, and cheaper processes and operations, fewer errors, more efficient maintenance, less manpower - all of which ultimately lead to optimization of costs.

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