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Hong Kong is a vibrant startup community

Hong Kong is a vibrant startup community

After our decision to activate a new concept of innovative startup accelerator, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City started looking around for good practices over the world.

The case of Hong Kong has become interesting to us because Hong Kong has recently become an important start-up center, supported by government initiatives such as InvestHK, Cyberport, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

These organizations are very open and friendly for the EU-based companies and in a short time, they became our partners.

Studying the situation we came to the conclusion that the European startups and in particular the Bulgarian ones have to know why doing business in Hong Kong is an advantage? Is it a good idea for the "beginners" with innovative business ideas to be advised to follow the good practices in Hong Kong and even to make on place ventures there? We have found that Hong Kong is a vibrant startup community that makes it the ideal place for growth and scale up their businesses. As one can read in all guides of the type "doing business in", Hong Kong is the perfect gateway to Asia - its proximity to other emerging Asian economies, wide use of English, the diversity, the multicultural population makes it a natural fit not only for the headquarters of large international companies but as well as for technology startups. 

This dynamic international city is able to attract a workforce that is multicultural, flexible, and multilingual - important for any startup looking at regional or global expansion. Moreover, over the past five years, there has been noted a real growth in the number of accelerators, co-working spaces, and even unicorns - a testimony of Hong Kong's growing importance. 

So, this city is considered to be among the top four places in the world for doing innovative business and particularly fintech, mediatech, and hostech companies. Every startup with a vision to be a global player should consider its presence in Hong Kong, establish its own ventures division, attract partners, and support organizations for working on developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies.

Everyone startup can receive first-hand Information in the very short, free, and informative events, that are being organized by InvestHK and SmartCityTech partnership within eT4S project. One interesting event we are expecting online on 25 March is a meeting with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

You can register for it HERE.

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