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Is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park an innovation hub?

Is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park an innovation hub?

Dimitar Filipov
Internationalization Expert at Cluster Sofia Knowledge City
Manager of the ASEAN’s activities at the project eT4S - COSME

This article was inspired by the event with the title “Enter the Dragon: Conquering the Asian Markets via the Hong Kong Science-Tech Park - HKSTP”, that we organized together with Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK).

You have a great business idea? You have a burning desire to follow your idea?

This is all you need to open a business in one of the hottest regions of the world.

Open a start-up company is relatively easy all over the world nowadays. But backing this company with the necessary means to make it successful is not at all easy. In order to succeed, such an undertaking needs a whole bunch of favorable conditions to be in place, including the capital, market, infrastructure, specialists pool, and professional advice.

There are business incubators all around the world, providing all of these services. However, the number of start-ups is growing exponentially, and quite often it is a challenge to find a spot in such an incubator.

Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is one of the best innovation hubs and business incubators in the world. It is located in the very heart of Hong Kong and provides all the services a start-up could possibly need. HKSTP is the home of about 1,000 companies, 480 of which - start-ups. It provides office space, mentoring, investments, all kinds of business-related services, and most importantly, access to the 1.7 trillion USD economy of Hong Kong and the cities of the Greater Bay Area. Finally, all companies in HKSTP have access to the second larger economy in the world – the one of China.

So, would you like to do business in one of the most developed economic areas of the world? You only need an idea and a desire to meet all of the countless opportunities that Asia could offer you.

If you are interested in any of the above, you could see the presentations from the webinar organised by Invest Hong Kong in collaboration with HKSTP, the SmartCityTech partnership, and Cluster Sofia Knowledge City that was held on 25 March 2021.

You could watch the whole webinar here.

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