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Training digital skills in the retail

Training digital skills in the retail

Almost one and a half year of the start of the project  Digiskill-retail (DigiSkills), the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City has been involved in. The cluster started this project under the Erasmus+ Programme together with the following partners:

The project was aimed at the increasing digital competences and skills of trainees and employees (digicomp) in the retail sector by using modern retail-specific e-learning units.

These e-learning units had to be prepared in a wat that cope with the challenges of the digital transformation processes of the retail sector. The project also supported and expanded the digital competences (digicompEDU)  of the educators and trainers by using the e-learning units for vocational education in retail trade.e.

One of the most advanced results so far is the a developed а Train the retail professionals course. The course consists on the following four modules: Module 1 - Information and data literacy-BCS; Module 2 - Communication; Module 3 - Collaboration; Module 4 - Digital Content Creation. Below we present in summary all these modules:

Module 1 - Information and data literacy-BCS

The Information and Data Literacy skill for retail professionals includes basic truths of internet behaviour, including the ability to effectively search the internet, judging the information found critically, and taking steps to defend yourself against becoming the victim of malicious attacks. It also involves creating and gathering feedback from customers.

This module is still under preparation. So far there are uploaded some of the elements of the module.

Module 3 - Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of the retail business and brand recognition in general. The basic interactions for the employees is with the direct customers and clients for building trust, loyalty and satisfaction. It is highly important to establish, maintain, improve and develop these relationships. Retail professionals need to know and be equipped with the right competences for customer service via digital communication channels, general computer use, MS Office programmes (starting from the most basic use up to specific programmes, such as Excel Vlookup and Pivot). 

Module 4 - Digital Content Creation

Intro: The "Digital Content Creation" competence for retail professionals involves acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to effectively create, manage, and optimize digital content for online platforms. This competence encompasses understanding the principles of content creation, mastering various digital tools, and staying up-to-date with evolving trends in content marketing. Retail professionals need to develop the ability to engage with customers, convey brand messages, and drive sales through visually appealing and relevant digital content.

For those interested, the content of this course is presented in more detail HERE

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