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CSKC coordinates an ERASMUS+ project

CSKC coordinates an ERASMUS+ project

On November 2, 2020, the project "Skills4Cities - Smart Skills for Smarter Cities" was launched, in which Cluster Sofia Knowledge City as a leading organization cooperates with 5 partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Romania, and Greece.

The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ program, key action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnerships for vocational education, and training.

The project Skills4Cities will be realized in partnership with IBS, IDEC, GAIA, ECQA, and ARIES.

The main objective of the project is to develop and test learning and validation tools for the training of experts, personnel, and managers of the smart cities for their newly emerging roles/professions.

The target group is those who can become agents of change in cities. They are experts or members of the urban and regional administration, representatives of the urban economic environment, architects, engineers, as well as technicians who work in the field of planning and implementation of smart IoT solutions, economists, geologists, cartographers, lawyers, among others. About 60 participants including experts from the project partners and associated organizations will be directly involved in the project and another 100 members of the target groups will participate in two dissemination events in Sofia and Cluj.

The planned results of the project are:

Toolkit for smart city competencies framework:

  • Smart city competencies map;
  • Reference competencies framework;
  • VET curricula;
  • User guide for implementation;

Validation tools for smart city competencies:

  • Guidelines for validating competencies for a smart city administration;
  • Rules for certification of smart city roles.

The project's duration is 24 months, with a total budget of 189.982 €.


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This project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the EU, project № 2020-1-BG01-KA202-079071.

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