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Kick-off meeting in Budapest

Kick-off meeting in Budapest

CSKC together with five EU partners started a new project named "Development of Green Soft Skills for Better Employability" (DEGREBE). The Project N°: 2021-1-HU01-KA220-VET-000024924 is under the Erasmus+ Program. It is aimed at developing a digital educational package focused on the development of green skills and creating a guide for trainers and coaches to support the adoption of innovative approaches and digital technologies in education. The partners of the cluster are TREBAG - Hungary, Czech Agricultural University - Czech Republic, DEKAPLUS - Cyprus, IDEC- Greece, and KISLÉPTÉK - Hungary.

At 16.12.2021 at the final of the year, the partners made the kick-off meeting and in such a way started the project realization. During this meeting, the consortium presented the results of the preliminary research which they have carried out according to country-specific initiatives and results detailing gamification in an educational context and the green areas of their respective countries. Each partner created a detailed slide deck explaining the most important and relevant information related to the goals and aspirations of the project. The partners actively participated in the discussion and discussed valuable sources of information to shape the first crucial parts in the project management formation of the questionnaires directed to the target groups of the project.

The core aspect was the introduction of the partnership, the realization of goals, and assembling the basis of a mutually supporting cooperation between the partnership. Another focus was on financial management, quality management, and the preparation of the needs analysis. In regards to the needs analysis, a common key point of the discussion was to create clear and concise questions in order to get the most information from the respondents, as the questions will be primarily targeted to the end-users of the project deliverables, namely VET education personnel. It was scheduled for the final questionnaires to be ready at the end of January then to start initiating the surveying process of the target groups.

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