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Doing business while fighting climate change - survey

Doing business while fighting climate change - survey

Cluster Sofia Knowledge City invites its partners, members and stakeholders to take part in the recently launched a survey aimed at understanding how the businesses are dealing with the green transition both in Europe and around the world, know how committed startups and SMEs are to fighting climate change, as well as understand their needs in times of the radical environmental changes. The main message that is woven into the questionaire in this survey is "doing business while fighting climate change". Click HERE to take part - thank you for your help in advance!

The Cluster Sofia Knowledge City supports the international partnership that currently carrying out a Project Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change (FCC). The cluster recently completed a project within the initiative of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform with name Towards Green Transition Facility (TGTF) and some useful conclusions and findngs from this project may be useful for our colleagues working on FCC. Okey, every knows that the climate change is the greatest threat we all face today. Whether it is rising sea levels, extreme weather events, global temperature rise, shrinking ice sheets, the world altogether collectively must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But, here comes one of our conclussions. No matter how much we act on the consciousness and culture of mankind to comply with this global problem, no matter how political and geopolitical this problem is, if business is not long-term engaged, if it fails to find its interest and adopt the models of social entrepreneurship in solving this challenge we will continue to face enormous difficulties in achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

 Click HERE to take part - thank you for your help in advance!

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