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Digiskill-retail - 2nd project meeting

Digiskill-retail - 2nd project meeting

On 27th March 2023 the partners of Digiskill-retail held their second transnational meeting to discuss and analyze the progress of the project and the production of results and achievement of the first milestones within the six months of development since October 2022.

The focus was on the conducted interviews with educational experts and representatives by companies in the retail sector to analyze the results around the main questions about the digital competences of learners and employees based on the Digital competence framework for citizens, DigComp 2.0: 

Information and data literacy, Communication and Collaboration, Digital content creation.

All partner organisations were represented by the project managers, four in total. They presented the main results and findings during the three interviews they conducted in the respective partner countries. This is the first milestone of Work package 2 - Creation of case studies on skills gaps related to digital competences in part-time trainers, lecturers and vocational school apprenticeships in the partner countries in trade. The findings show that there are various similarities and common conclusions can be drawn for the development of the case studies and the Competence matrix – a comparative competence matrix of DigComp and DigCompEDU in the four partner languages and English in one publishable digital form. Most of the interviewees made the separation of the competences and context before and after Covid-19 and in most of the cases the digital skills are being developed rapidly in the period of the pandemic as a necessity and key success factors for the retail businesses. Thus, the VET sector has to adapt and innovate, too.



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