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Focus group in Sofia on digiskill retail

Focus group in Sofia on digiskill retail

CSKC organized under the Project Digiskill-retail a focus group on 25th April with trainers, HR managers from retail companies, lecturers from the educational institutions and Vocational school teachers to discuss and validate the results from the case studies generated earlier as a base for the development of Digiskill-retail Competence matrix that is relevant to the needs of business and education and training in the retail sector with the main questions of discussion as follow: 

1) main gaps and deficits in the digital skills of employees and trainees, advantages in using the e-learning units in the classroom;

2) is the use of the e-learning units with the identified main topics useful for the development of digital skills;

3) the willingness of teachers and trainees to use the developed e-learnings; 

4) topics of e-learning in the classroom and implementation in a sustainable way for future use and application on the training programmes and plans.

The main conclusions of the focus group led to the validation of the findings of the interviews and the developed case studies as a result of them. Thus, the utilization concepts that have been created and validated by the focus group leads to the creation and development of 40 to 60 practical Micro Learning units for vocational training in retail along operational business processes in retail that reduce recognized skills deficits in the areas of digital competences framework.


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