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New guidebook for educators

New guidebook for educators

News from the Project DEGREBE.

A Bulgarian version of an interesting guide (manual) for educators has been released, including for trainers, teachers, lecturers, mentors, facilitators and other experts in education who use games in the learning process.The title of this material is "A Gamification-Infused Trainers' Guide for Digital Education".

It presents, in an accessible language, the minimum knowledge and tools that can help the educators to more easily navigate the complex world of gamification in its digital context.

The authors have set themselves the goal that educators who have this handbook can more easily bridge the gap between theory and practice, and to a large extent this goal has been achieved. The material highlights not only the pedagogical nuances, but also the administrative, technical and organizational dimensions of the inclusion of digital games in the learning process. A holistic approach has been used which has provided a system view of how gamification can be woven seamlessly into the fabric of modern education. The guide covers both the simplest methods such as writing on paper and the most complex educational games. It offers a simple but effective framework facilitating the application of general principles of gamification to the learning process.

The educators and anyone interested in using games in education can read and download a guide from HERE.


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