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News from Degrebe Project

News from Degrebe Project

After the launch of the Green Skills for Better Employability (DEGREBE) project, which actually took place at the beginning of 2022, there are already some interesting results achieved by the project partners. Recall that the goal of the project was to develop an innovative and digital educational package for Generation Z learners and their trainers.

The first result had to be visual online novels for students and young professionals who would use as a basis for a subsequent novels (story telling) already on their behalf and in their own way, entering and using the concept of green and transversal skills. The second planned result was a Training Manual for trainers to help them apply the gamification method in the teaching process.

What the partners have achieved so far:

  • A study was conducted and, based on it, an analysis of the needs for such a digital tool and gamification among trainers and trainees from several sectors (agriculture, business and economy, science, information technologies, etc.) in several countries, including Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece and Hungary. The results showed that the importance of green skills among this target group is rated extremely high. In all the countries studied, there is a clear need for curricula and materials aimed at encouraging workers to acquire and use "green knowledge, attitudes and skills".
  • Several stories and cases were prepared to be scenarios for developing games through which to develop green skills and knowledge.
  • On this basis, the content of several training programs (modules) was developed and tested in selected areas of green competences such as, for example, sustainability, design thinking, adaptability, etc.).
  • After extensive discussion of the content structure, the next phase was the preparation of the Trainer's Guide. Internal and external testing of the finished modules is pending.

The interest and role of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City and some of its members from this project is the opportunity to give a new direction of impact on the youngest generation and their trainers on the basis of the already achieved results of several other projects in which the cluster has participated or supported, for example, Collective Innovation to Fight Climate ChangeBiodiversity and Climate Change Community Champions, Towards Green Transition Facility (TGTF), Impact Incubator for Nurturing Sustainability (i2Sustain), Go Green, Skills4Cities and others. 



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