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What new from the Project XD Media Hub

What new from the Project XD Media Hub

One month ago, led by the University of DEUSTO, we completed one of the expected results of Project XD Media Hub, namely the Competence Self-assessment Tool. It is a questionnaire with which entrepreneurs and managers working in the media and creative industries can measure and optimize their skill set and knowledge. Anyone who has the patience to take this approximately 15 minute test will receive a quantitative assessment of the knowledge and skills required to work and/or do business in these industries. Undoubtedly, the final figure gives a synthetic answer about the level of measured competencies, although more important is the self-assessment process itself.

In this process the self-assessors are introduced to a pre-developed comprehensive set of judgments supporting the answers by which you do self-assess in the various areas of competence. The results of this exercise can then serve as the basis for designing a personalized learning route or trajectory. A competency map is used, conceived as part of the project, prepared by synthesizing valuable insights and experiences from industry professionals involved in the study. The questionnaire itself has been finally completed by a team from the University of DEUSTO.

More about the competency framework

The framework is a comprehensive structure comprising five distinct areas /macro-competencies/ derived from Entrecomp and Digicomp, serving as starting points for the assessment and development of competencies in this project. The Entrecomp framework, known for its relevance in the field of entrepreneurship, and the Digicomp framework, widely recognized for its applicability in the field of digital competence, both contributed to the development and refinement of our project framework with its rich repertoire of prescribed and tested competencies.

By appropriately restructuring the existing competencies and integrating the strengths and insights of Entrecomp and Digicomp, our Competency Framework has been aligned with established and recognized standards and achieved coverage sufficient for our needs across the various dimensions of the media and creative industries. In this way, the competencies were aligned with the unique requirements associated with these industries.

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