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Digital Educational Package

Digital Educational Package

 A Digital Educational Package (DEP) for trainers and trainees (students, young servants) from the agricultural sector has been developed under Degrebe Project, which the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City implements together with partner organizations from five European countries. DEP includes:

Let's firstly look at the Knowledge Base.There are included in it five learning modules, which we think explain the most important learning fields directely concerned with the green economy and skills specifically in this sector. 

Readers of this post and learners can familiarize themselves with the content of all these modules if follow the links to the corresponding flipbooks:

The second element is quizzes. They follow the same themes as above where the learner answers questions related to the selected topic and receives a score presented as a percentage. With the obtained percentage, the test participant measures his level of knowledge. The closer his score is to 100%, the better his knowledge is evaluated in this field.

You can test yourself HERE.

The third element in this package is a game. Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements and mechanisms into non-game contexts to improve engagement, motivation and effectiveness of teaching or learning. Several types of games are known such as simulations, serious games, reward games and learning games. This game is a virtual learning game called Avocado Boy, designed for teachers and learners (students, young workers) in the agricultural sector, containing questions, learning materials and other interactive elements that make the learning process more engaging and fun. The game is developed based on a decision tree and the player goes through several levels of decisions of a fictional story.

You may play this game starting from HERE.

The package is still in testing phase. At the moment, feedback has been received from over 200 users - teachers and learners. The final version will be published on the project site after the finalization of the test period in mid-2024.


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