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Membership in Future Media Hubs?

Membership in Future Media Hubs?

If you are an innovative media company that works in the media space of Bulgaria, but wishes to expand its ecosystem, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the activity of the Future Media Hubs (FMH) network and become part of it! We believe that it is the place where ideas, projects and new opportunities for cooperation between media companies in Europe are generated.

Why Future Media Hubs? One of the results of the successful MediaMotor Europe (2020-2022) project, in which Cluster Sofia Knowledge City took part and which ended more than a year ago, was to create an environment for a stronger and more diverse European ecosystem for media innovation.

The environment consisted in expanding the cooperation of the media communities from the western part of Europe with the eastern and southern part of Europe. This project was implemented within the Startup Europe (H2020) initiative together with other partners - VRT (leader), Media City Bergen, THERMI Business Incubator, Athens Technology Centre, Fast Track and F6S. Over 2 years, 60 European start-ups were discovered, trained and supported through specialized mentoring services and a network of innovation hubs was created. Here the role of Future Media Hubs (FMH) was to give the startups international visibility and match them with potential clients through a wide network. 

FMH was created in response to the growing demand for an environment where media companies and especially start-ups can collaborate and implement various initiatives in the European Media Space. It is an innitiative of VRT in close collaboration with RTBF and supported by the Flemish department of Culture, Youth and Media. Part of the the FMH hubs are such media as BBC, ERT, NPO, France TV, TV2, etc. The aim is to foster innovation and accelerate the development of the media industry and their local ecosystems.

At the core is the vision that a wider international collaboration and network of like-minded people accelerates media innovation and ensures its successful implementation. Innovative ideas come from many different places, both from inside and outside an organization. The European media market is highly fragmented and the links between East and West, North and South are still weak, so innovations created in one region are often not noticed and opportunities to find partners, investors and customers are missed.

What is the benefit for your organization if it is a member of this network?

You will:

  • be able to benefit from the advantage of working in a connected media community from all parts of Europe;
  • get a better idea of upcoming market trends and will be able to develop skills for successful implementation of innovative projects;
  • find partners, clients, and have better success in attracting investors;
  • be able to create and successfully implement international initiatives and projects.

You may see a short video about the FMH here and can visit to find out about this network and contact directly FMH on the organization's website (

If anyone wants to join the network, they can contact Clelia Twagirayesu (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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