Webinar: Smart City Technology Partnership - EU - Taiwan

Webinar: Smart City Technology Partnership - EU - Taiwan

Four smart-city-tech companies from Europe and Taiwan are invited to the stage! The stage will be open on September 29 at 12.00 ЕЕТ (UTC+3).

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This is an event of the consortium of European clusters, named Smart City Tech Partnership and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI).

  • The Smart CityTech Partnership includes 11 partners from 8 different EU countries. It focuses on driving the development of solutions for urban areas enabled by smart systems technologies forward. Urban areas have always been at the center of economic growth and technological advances. The Smart City Tech partnership aims at increasing the competitiveness of EU companies by supporting the development of smart systems-enabled solutions for urban areas through the implementation of a joint cooperation agenda.
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan is a world-leading applied technology research institute with more than 6,000 outstanding employees. Its mission is to drive industrial development, create economic value, and enhance social well-being through technology R&D. Founded in 1973, it pioneered in IC development and started to nurture new tech ventures and deliver its R&D results to industries. ITRI has set up and incubated companies such as TSMC, UMC, Taiwan Mask Corp., Epistar Corp., Mirle Automation Corp., and Taiwan Biomaterial Co.

The two organizations have launched an initiative to establish closer cooperation between themselves through enhancing the cooperation between smart-city-tech companies from both continents.

Four technology companies - two from Europe and the two from Taiwan will meet on a stage in front of the global audience to present their achievements, business models, and development strategies. How they can collaborate and what impact from such a collaboration they will be looking for? How ITRI in Taiwan and the clusters in the EU can support internationalization? This you can understand if you join the event.

The two invited EU companies, which are members of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City represent Bulgaria and they have a strong contribution to national and local competitiveness, and they are:

The two Taiwanese companies are:

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The video recording is accessible here.



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