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CSKC took a part in a conference Racing to Net Zero

CSKC took a part in a conference Racing to Net Zero

Five representatives from Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) participated in an important conference on the collective fight against climate change. The representatives of the cluster are in fact representatives of the following its members - CEED Bulgaria, Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management Club (KISMC) and Anilika. Close to 150 participants, including experts, consulting specialists, entrepreneurs, project managers, researchers, executive directors, CEOs, coaches, and scholars, gathered last Thursday, June 15, at the London School of Economics for our final event, 'Racing to Net Zero'. The international conference brought together key players in the sustainability ecosystem to support our fight against climate change. 

The event took action to accelerate positive interventions, dialogues, and ideas to promote solutions at all levels. The participants had the opportunity to be part of and hear from committed individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and organisations with sustainable solutions, advancing and creating positive impacts on the environment and society. 

Creating a culture of innovation is key to making change, and the conference audience heard insights and experiences from various perspectives on the important matter of sustainability and the new technologies, plans, and projects underway to help make our world a little greener.

The event was an absolute success and displayed the core concept of Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change.






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