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Participation in a showcase of creative industries in Sofia

Participation in a showcase of creative industries in Sofia

On 30.06.2023 in Sofia in the implementation of the XD Media Hub project, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC) will take part in the forum Showcase of Creative Industries in Sofia. This forum has set itself the following tasks:

  • to enable representatives of these industries (media, architecture, visual arts, crafts, publishing, performing arts, fashion, music, advertising, entertainment software, film/video production, photography, ect.) to showcase their achievements in an accompanying exhibition. 
  • to present in an innovative way those representatives of the media and creative industries in Bulgaria who have the greatest impact on the development of these industries as well as their ecosystem; 

The cluster will participate in the forum and exhibition to present its concept "Innovation hub for media and creative industries". The concept was initially developed and practically implemented in the Media Motor Europe project and is currently being further developed for the needs of the XD Media Hub. It is developed on the cluster site as a separate section and include Accelerator; Partners; Mentors; Program and Resources.

According to our understanding, the difference between an Innovation Cluster such as CSKC and an Innovation Hub lies in the level of formalization of the network of stakeholders. An innovation hub is a model of well-defined interconnections and relationships that a cluster (an internally organized and structured supply chain system) creates together with the media and creative industries ecosystem. 

This provides a one-stop service for technology companies and especially for deeptech startups to be more competitive in terms of their business and production processes, products & services, based on "knowledge" of the latest technological advances and of the best practices in business models innovation.

The Innovation Hub is a regional open physical and virtual collaboration space with a mission to promote innovation through learning and sharing ideas. It relies on an effect that is usually achieved in joint innovation, creating an innovation community, applying the principle of openness and generating diversity. As a physical space, the cluster uses the laboratories and premises of its members, and as a virtual space, it draws on the active online communication between members, stakeholders and social networks. As geographical proximity is considered crucial, the hub acts as a regional contact point and gateway to enter and strengthen the city's innovation ecosystem for these industries.

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