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Interview with Dimitar Hristov by Via Expo

This is a shortened version of an interview with Dimitar Hristov, Executive Director of Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (CSKC), conducted by Desislava Nikolova - Marketing Manager at Via Expo. 

The interview is about the Cluster's participation in the 7th Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe on 16-18 April 2019

D. Nikolova: Mr. Hristov, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City will participate for the first time in the 7th Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe. Please, present your organization in short and its main objectives and priorities?

Global Smart City Market Forecasts

Dimitar HRISTOV,  Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

At the end of 2017, IDC FutureScape published a report, in which the global analyst presented its 10 forecasts for the development of the Smart City Market for the period during and after 2018. 

These forecasts are intended to inform the leaders of the urban centers, incl. mayors, city managers, members of city and municipal councils, and innovation managers to be able to support the process of digital transformation. The survey gives us an understanding of the IDC Smart City team about the ongoing urban transformations and their impact on city management.

Action Cluster & The Smart City Guidance Package

Judith Borsboom-van Beurden, Senior Researcher Smart Sustainable Cities, NTNU Sustainability,
Initiative leader EIP SCC, Action cluster Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation

I feel very honored that the City of Sofia is our first testbed for the Smart City Guidance Package. I know the City of Sofia from their active role in the European smart city project Smarter Together and am happy to visit the city again. In the EIP SCC, we have worked on this roadmap for integrated planning and management of smart city projects for nearly two years. Coming months, we visit a couple of European cities to test it. I would like to thank Knowledge Cluster Sofia for hosting this workshop, co-led by my colleague Georgi Georgiev of Fraunhofer Institute.

Intelligent funding for Smart Cities

Dimitar HRISTOV, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

According to the European Parliament, the idea of a smart city consists of the development and integration of information and communication technologies, human and social capital to improve citizens' quality of life and achieve sustainable economic development. 

A Smart City is the one that is able to successfully solve many public problems through solutions based on the latest technologies and through partnerships between citizens, academic organizations, businesses, municipalities, and the state administration, and between all interested parties. When we talk about such a city, we usually bring out at least six of its smart dimensions, namely: economy, mobility, the environment, lifestyle, people, and urban governance.

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