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Disruptive technologies for smart cities - Artificial intelligence

KISMC & partners

This article is animated by the interim results of an ongoing Erasmus+ project named Smart technologies by design (Smart by Design).

This international project is carrying out by Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management Club (KISMC) - a Bulgarian innovation management organization that is focused on developing competences in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Management Club is a member of our cluster.

Smart cities: Where's the ROI?

Here is a resume of the newest whitepaper published by the SmartCitiesWorld (, a platform that provides a centralized source of intelligence about the infrastructure required to create a smart city today and for the future. SmartCitiesWorld Trend Reports examine an emerging or growing trend in smart cities, highlighting progress so far and future potential, as well as spotlighting case studies from cities around the world. Written by Sue Weekes, News Editor, SmartCitiesWorld, this report examines how smart cities can achieve a three-dimensional return-on-investment that delivers economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Smart cities, smarter management

Following the policy of representing good practices and the knowledge-based approaches in regards to the smart city concept here, we present a resume of a doctoral study of Tara Alshahadeh, who holds an MBA from Aydin University. Useful ideas and a systematic approach for the smart cities' project management can be found. 

What is a smart city project?

A project is considered smarter when it’s associated with a higher number of smart city main dimensions which are economy, people, governance, environment, mobility, and living.

Clusters – a proven form of business collaboration worldwide

Dimitar Filipov, Member of the Advisory Board 

My visit to the 2019 edition of the EU-Taiwan cluster matchmaking event was a surprisingly pleasant experience. I represented Cluster Sofia Knowledge City at this meeting. This was the first participation of CSKC to this event and my first participation as well.  The event was organized in the context of the international fair “Global Industrie 4.0” held in Lyon, France.  

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