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Project of creating a cluster's Inno-accelerator

Dimitar Hristov


A cornerstone of the strategy for sustainability of the results of the Horizon 2020-funded project MediaMotorEurope and a real vision for an ongoing partnership with the partners in this project, the Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge envisages the creation of a cluster innovation accelerator.

This short article discusses the model of the accelerator, the reasons, and prerequisites for its creation.

Is the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park an innovation hub?

Dimitar Filipov
Internationalization Expert at Cluster Sofia Knowledge City
Manager of the ASEAN’s activities at the project eT4S - COSME

This article was inspired by the event with the title “Enter the Dragon: Conquering the Asian Markets via the Hong Kong Science-Tech Park - HKSTP”, that we organized together with Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK).

You have a great business idea? You have a burning desire to follow your idea?

Mapping smart city projects, an approach for upskilling

Dimitar Hristov

This article is based on a study done so far on the Project Smart Skills for Smarter Cities (Skills4Cities), launched by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City at the end of 2020 with the support of the Program Erasmus +.

It reflects the work of the partnership till now and is a first attempt to draw some important conclusions the partners came to regarding the so-called skills gaps in the field of smart cities projects.

Disruptive technologies for smart cities - Virtual Reality

This is the last article from the series the KISMC team, a member of the Cluster, started in 2020, based on the outputs produced by partners under the project Smart technologies by design (Smart by Design). It was found that there are many digital and/or data-based technologies that are to a large extend applicable in the real conditions of the city and contribute to its coping with public problems or challenges. They are used in diverse areas like transport, energy, utility, urban, health, etc.

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