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Role-playing of mentors of social entrepreneurs

Dimitar Hristov - KISMC

This publication is inspired by my personal participation in a project (i2Sustain) of Knowledge, Innovation, and Strategies Management Club (KISMC), an active member of the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City. The short article is extracted from the Design Thinking for Impact Incubation Toolkit that was developed by me and my colleagues from KISMC and the other European partners in this project.

I hope that our findings in this Toolkit may be useful also for the mentors who are members of the network established at the CSKC Innovation Hub and accelerator.

Smart City in need of cybersecurity

Jon Mitxelena, GAIA

Technologies are expected to help citizens make better-informed decisions. But, the adoption of new technologies which are connected to the network, always comes with inherent risks. Moreover, with the increasing risk of cybercrime and data theft, smart cities should be prepared to deal with any potential threat.

Safety and security are two of the main concerns in any city, and with the incorporation of digital technologies, the concern becomes greater.

Smart city challenges - the key for success is skills

Dimitar Hristov

This short article is motivated by the upcoming webinar “Mapping technologies and design thinking for smart cities”, in which the cluster is co-organizer and a value-chain support organization. After an in-depth study under the Skills4Cities project, of recent reports on the problems, constraints, and challenges which the smart city projects face the cluster team identified the main challenges related to the development, management, and implementation of Smart City projects.

Project of creating a cluster's Inno-accelerator

Dimitar Hristov


A cornerstone of the strategy for sustainability of the results of the Horizon 2020-funded project MediaMotorEurope and a real vision for an ongoing partnership with the partners in this project, the Cluster Sofia City of Knowledge envisages the creation of a cluster innovation accelerator.

This short article discusses the model of the accelerator, the reasons, and prerequisites for its creation.

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