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The environmental challenges of the garment and textile industries

More than 70% of textiles and clothing imported into the EU come from Asia (China, Bangladesh, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.). However, the EU is still the second largest exporter of textiles and clothing after China, with a textile export value of around USD 66 billion. At the same time, the EU remains the leading importer of textiles and clothing, accounting for more than 23% of global imports, according to the WTO. The industry employs 1.5 million people across over 160,000 companies in the EU, most of which are SMEs, and the EU's annual turnover in 2019 was €162 billion. euro.

Business approach to fight climate change

Dimitar Hristov

Climate change is a major global challenge, and we as an industrial cluster that unites knowledge-based companies have to message to all that we, the business can play a critical role in addressing it.

So, we believe that by adopting sustainable practices, investing in sustainable technologies, supporting climate policies, and adapting to the impacts of climate change, businesses can help create a more sustainable future for all.

Here are a few ways businesses can approach climate change:

Rich learning opportunities in Portugal

Martin Petrov
Marketing Manager of Cluster Sofia Knowledge City

This is a short discribtion of my 3-days learnig trip to Portugal, a result of our international activities and good partnership between our cluster and INNOVA-RIA

I visited the Digital Communities Summit in Águeda, Aveiro, Portugal, and this visit was filled with rich learning opportunities, insightful discussions, and stimulating exploration of the region's digital landscape. This meticulously planned mission, expertly coordinated by INNOVA-RIA, served as a remarkable platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and understanding the strides being taken in creating digital communities.

Business models in media industry 2nd part

This is continuation of the article business models in media industry with presenting the next 6 models.

8. Agency Business Model

The model presumes creating internal agency in the media company. It is also one of the fastest growing sources of revenue for such companies. The expertise inside media companies is looking like an agency to more and more brands around the world. Many have given up trying to create branded content and media campaigns on their own, or even with traditional legacy agencies. As a result, many media companies that have created in-house agencies are seeing results that have come to represent from 5% to 60% of total revenue!

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