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Why CSKC was interested to join the Go Green Project

The fight with climate change is and will continue to be one of the main priorities for the EU in the coming years.Regardless of the criticism that EU is too focused on the green deal and the undertaken measures are too anticipatory, compared to the rest of the world, this priority will always remain a keystone of the European policy. However, what is more important is how and to what extent business perceives the goals of sustainable development as own.

It is clear to us that whatever the level of corporate social responsibility of a business is, its behavior will always be dominated by the pursuit of profit.

What new from the Project XD Media Hub

One month ago, led by the University of DEUSTO, we completed one of the expected results of Project XD Media Hub, namely the Competence Self-assessment Tool. It is a questionnaire with which entrepreneurs and managers working in the media and creative industries can measure and optimize their skill set and knowledge. Anyone who has the patience to take this approximately 15 minute test will receive a quantitative assessment of the knowledge and skills required to work and/or do business in these industries. Undoubtedly, the final figure gives a synthetic answer about the level of measured competencies, although more important is the self-assessment process itself.

Competence matrix on skills gaps in retail - Digiskill Retail

It is time to share some results from the implementation of the Digiskill - Retail Project, in which the Sofia City of Knowledge Cluster participates together with organizations from the EU. The lead partner in this project is the Central Office for Vocational Training in Retail eV. The project started in September 2022 and will end in August 2024. It aims to develop a toolkit to address the challenges of digital transformation in retail.

In particular, specific study units and e-learning modules are under development to be used to improve the digital competencies and skills of retail trainees and their trainers (digicompEDU).

News from Degrebe Project

After the launch of the Green Skills for Better Employability (DEGREBE) project, which actually took place at the beginning of 2022, there are already some interesting results achieved by the project partners. Recall that the goal of the project was to develop an innovative and digital educational package for Generation Z learners and their trainers.

The first result had to be visual online novels for students and young professionals who would use as a basis for a subsequent novels (story telling) already on their behalf and in their own way, entering and using the concept of green and transversal skills. The second planned result was a Training Manual for trainers to help them apply the gamification method in the teaching process.

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