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SmartCityTech Going Beyond Europe

This article is a summary of the context and overall objectives of the project European Technology for Sustainability (eT4S), finalized by CSKC and partners.

The project finished end of 2022 and now is time for reporting and evaluating the work done. European Technology for Sustainability supported the development of collaboration and business agreements between the EU and North America (North East Coast of the USA and between the EU and Asia/Asean.

It was focused on technology enabled solutions addressing sustainability challenges in urban areas (water, air, energy, waste). The project  was embedded within the SmartCityTech partnership and could leverage on the expertise and network build by this partnership since 2013.

New project is launched - Go Green

Since the beginning of this year, the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City together with 5 EU partners has launched a new project under the Erasmus+. This project comes as a continuation of other green and circular economy projects in which the cluster participates directly or indirectly in supporting its members. 

Such are, for example 

The Skills4Cities project has ended

The Project “Smart Skills for Smarter Cities”, financed by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and managed by the Cluster Sofia Knowledge City just arrived to its end at 31.01.2023. The main objective of the project, as a whole, was to develop and test learning & validation tools for training of professionals who will play important role for the success of digital transformation of cities. The tools elaborated in the project include a referent competence framework, new curricula and validation paths for these roles, based on common methodology and competencies map. Let’s pay our attention on the main output of this project namely the Toolkit for smart city competencies framework.

Welcome to new members

In the period December 2022 - January 2023, 10 new organizations joined the Sofia City of Knowledge Cluster community. These are small and medium-sized companies, start-ups, a non-governmental organization and the coordination unit of BAS, which recognize the strategy and goals of the cluster and believe that "knowledge" is the basis of economic development. We believe that they also share the main motto of the cluster "to change the ecosystem of the city for good while doing business in it". They are all part of the value chain that transforms information into knowledge and knowledge into innovation for the benefit of the city. We welcome the following new cluster supporters:

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